Are you afraid to show your smile?

Choose to eliminate blemishes,
avoid embarrassment

Dental veneers may be the right solution.

Are you afraid to show your smile?

Choose to eliminate blemishes,
avoid embarrassment

Dental veneers may be the right solution.

Harmonious smile

Harmonious smile, without alignment defects and whiter than the natural color.

Lasting results

Correct oral hygiene, a healthy lifestyle and periodic checks will allow a lasting result over time.

No sedation

In most cases, the operation does not require the use of local anaesthetics.

We know how an unharmonious smile
can cause discomfort

In recent years, more and more people have turned to our Dental Practice to request an intervention aimed at improving the aesthetics of their smile.

An unharmonious smile can create embarrassment and cause real problems for one’s self-esteem.

Why dental veneers

Dental veneers are very thin sheets of resin or ceramic applied to the external surface of the teeth in order to mask any imperfections.

When to use them

A path shaped for your smile

One of our dentists will evaluate the possibility of creating a therapy that can meet your expectations in relation to your general state of health and the initial conditions of your mouth.

Once these aspects have been assessed, the dentist, through the use of the computer, will be able to show you an example of how your smile will be modified.

At this point your teeth will be prepared to accommodate the dental veneers which will finally be positioned and stabilized through the use of adhesives.

Follow-up visits will then follow to evaluate the correct integration of the veneers into your oral context.


Over the years Dental@Med has been synonymous with excellence, quality and professionalism and has satisfied hundreds and hundreds of customers. Their genuine and positive reviews are our satisfaction.

Very positive experience... I have chosen DentalMed for a few years now and every time I am happy to choose it again both for myself and for my family. Professionalism, courtesy and hygiene difficult to find elsewhere. Going to the dentist has become a pleasure.
Claudia Campagnacci
I found myself facing a sudden situation... I must say excellent welcome and remarkable treatment. Positive experience for the first time... Accuracy..explicitness.efficiency..effectiveness..very helpful team."
Laura Vescarelli
I called urgently while I was out of town on a Saturday afternoon. They were very courteous and helpful. The dentist was very professional, friendly and clear in his explanations. The studio also seemed well equipped with both auxiliary staff and tools.
Michele Nesci
"All the staff, professional and kind, Top, Top Doctors!! Keeping up with the times with the aid of the latest generation digital technologies! Thank you!!"
Lucio Buono
"The relationship that is created immediately with them is extraordinarily pleasant, with maximum competence, seriousness and friendliness."
Alfredo Chiocci
"The environment is very clean, the staff was very kind, courteous and very professional. I recommend it to everyone"
Elisabetta De Robertis
"Seriousness and competence demonstrated on every occasion by the professionals of this dental practice. The patient is at the center of attention of all the staff who offer a complete diagnosis by proposing very effective and personalized interventions. Dental technology is at our service in every treatment. I recommend it to everybody"
Samuel Peron
"Despite living abroad, I have been turning to Dental@Med for years now because I cannot do without their 5-star service! The preparation of the staff is impeccable, I always find incredible kindness, cleanliness and professionalism. I would particularly like to thank Michela and Dr. Federica, who always manage to accommodate my needs!"
Marta Cesarini
"I have been attending the Dentalmed dental practice for a few years and I must say that I am very satisfied with the service offered. In my opinion, here are some strengths of the study: - competent and qualified staff - kind and welcoming - precise in appointments - use innovative techniques and tools - Continued schedule - clean and hospitable environments Advised!
Marco Spoletini

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