Do you want to eliminate excess fat?

Discover the benefits of cryolipolysis

Do you want to eliminate excess fat?

Discover the benefits of cryolipolysis

Why cryolipolysis

Eliminate excess fat

No surgery

No convalescence

How does cryolipolysis work?

The tissue is cooled to -9°C for 40-60 minutes, leading to the crystallization and therefore destruction by apoptosis (i.e. programmed cell death) of the adipose cells, which are much more sensitive to cold than other anatomical structures present in the treated region, such as skin, dermis, vessels, nerves and muscles, which are therefore not damaged.

How are fat cells eliminated?

Elimination occurs through the lymphatic system which takes them to the liver and, as with food fats, metabolizes and eliminates them in a physiological way, reducing the volume of the treated area.

Is it a painful treatment?

The treatment is comfortable and consists of applying the handpieces to the areas affected by adiposity for a variable amount of time. The handpieces that convey the low temperatures traction the tissue allowing the freezing of the subcutaneous tissue, responsible for the apoptosis of the adipocytes.

How long does it take to get results?

The result follows a precise temporal sequence: approximately 48 hours after the session, a slight inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue without edema sets in, and from approximately the fifteenth day the macrophages intervene to engulf the adipocytes and direct them towards the lymphatic system. The first results are therefore already visible after the first month, while the final result is obtained after 90 days, upon completion of the removal of lipids. Clinical studies have demonstrated a percentage reduction of fat cells from 22 to 40% and a reduction in fat thickness of 4.5 cm.

How many sessions are necessary?

Only one or more treatment sessions may be necessary depending on the starting situation and the result you want to achieve. A second session, on areas already previously treated, can be carried out no earlier than 60 days, once the results of the first session have been evaluated.

When can it be done?

You can undergo cryolipolysis at any time of the year, even in summer, and all areas of fat accumulation can be treated, as long as they are plicable. As no convalescence period is necessary, the treatment does not interfere with the resumption of normal daily activities, which can be resumed immediately.

How long do the results last?

THE RESULT IS PERMANENT, if combined with a healthy lifestyle and correct nutrition. The treatment is simple and convenient to perform, with no need for recovery periods.

Are there possible side effects?

There are no particular contraindications and the secondary effects (usually a slight erythema and tingling in the area) are very mild and of absolutely short duration, without any convalescence period, with certain results.

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